If you own a compressor, like most DIY’ers, workers in the automotive, service or maintenance industry, you will welcome owning this AirCraft hydraulic riveter. Not only will it will save you time and effort, but it will give you a stronger joint with a far neater and professional, overall finish. It is the perfect tool for production and general maintenance.

“This hydraulic riveter has got to be my most favourite air tool in my workshop when it comes to repair jobs, building and general maintenance around the home,” said Vermont Sales Tool Guru, Greg de Villiers. “Hand riveters are great when working with small rivets, but when you get to the larger sizes, it starts to get more difficult and much harder on the hands and arms unless you are a body builder. This is when this unit comes into its own.”

The AirCraft hydraulic riveter is extremely user-friendly and well worth the price. It comes with all the features, instructions and a spare set of jaws. All other spare parts are also readily available.

The riveter sets blind rivets up to 6.35mm (mild steel) and 4.8mm (stainless-steel). The hydraulic piston is designed for increased power and features a pull-force of 850kg. The 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 4.8mm and 6.0mm nose pieces are all easy and quick to change with a special designed wrench, which is included in the kit, the nose pieces are also replaceable.

The minimum compressor required, should have an air flow delivery of at least 0.8 l/min at 6.3 Bar. The average air consumption of the riveter is only 0.03CFM and most smaller compressors can handle this with ease. A plastic container, that fits over the back of the riveter body, “catches” and holds the mandrels of the already fitted blind rivets, which is user-friendly and convenient.

The ultra, high-speed operation of the riveter, makes it ideal for production and the assembly line. It can be easily operated with one hand in any position and the front exhaust system is a neat safety feature.

To view the full range and the options of the AirCraft pneumatic tools, please visit the website www.vermontsales.co.za and click through to AirCraft.