The new range of professional Action Can ZG-90 Cold Zinc Galvanising Phosphate Enhanced Anti-Rust 500 ml Spray Paints are now available in bright silver, and great Satin finishers in black, yellow, red, white, blue, and green.

The ZG-90 zinc phosphate enhanced paints which prime and top-coat in one application, provide a superior combination of good rapid drying time, great coverage and solid opacity. Demonstrating a superior corrosion protection (meeting ISO 12944-2, cat. C3, tested to ASTM B117) and adhesion tested to ISO 2409:0. The paints are RAL matched for accurate and consistent colour reproduction with a long lasting satin finish.

The Application and General fabrication are used on bare, degreased metal to provide an effective, colour-matched finish with good long-term protection. Used for repairing and maintaining fences, metal sheets, air conditioning units and ducting.

ZG-90 products is the fast and effective way to touch up galvanised structures. ZG-90 cold zinc galvanise is a zinc-rich paint that provides a combination of rapid drying time, superior coverage, opacity, and protection against corrosion. It is an accurate colour match for newly galvanised steel and is ideal for protecting welding joints and cut ends. Used to protect bolted joints on steel sections and girders, avoiding the need to re-plate a bolt or stud, spray ZG-90 on exposed bolts and threaded bar to match existing zinc plating or galvanised coating. General fabrication used on bare, degreased metal to provide an effective finish with good long-term protection. Electrical and mechanical contractors: spray ZG-90 on cut ends of Unistrut type channelling and cable conduit.

Action Can ZG-90 has one of the fastest dying times in the market today which makes it the choice of all tradesman, farmers, and artisans. It also the perfect product for all the coastal regions where just a little preventative initiative adds years to the life span and look of goods painted.

Available ZG – 90 colour range includes:
Cold Zinc Galvanising Paint Finish – BRIGHT SILVER – CAN32811
Black Anti-rust Paint Satin Finish – BLACK- CAN32813
Green Anti-rust Paint Satin Finish – GREEN – CAN32814
White Anti-rust Paint Satin Finish – WHITE – CAN32817
Blue Anti-rust Paint Satin Finish – BLUE – CAN32818
Red Anti-rust Paint Satin Finish – RED -CAN32819
Yellow Anti-rust Paint Satin Finish -YELLOW -CAN32820

About Action Can
Action Can provide a comprehensive range of first-class products. Their ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations demonstrate their commitment to research, development and manufacturing quality standards. Developed to meet the exacting requirements of professional engineers all products are manufactured in their UK and European facilities, the Action Can product range offers product choice, proven performance and a full in-house quality control. They are a globally recognised brand of professional-grade chemicals that give right-first-time results, every time. With a heritage stretching back over 50-years, Action Can products are the first choice for professional engineers around the world.  

“Tested, Trusted and Approved.” The Factory manufacture over 20,000,000 cans per year at their site in Somerset, England and in Belgium. The manufacturing operations consist of modern, automated aerosol filling lines, carefully selected raw materials and the considerable experience in blending formulations with independent quality assurance. 
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