Richard Phillips, joint CEO of Cash Connect Management Solutions, says: “The national crime statistics
for the last year show 57 armed robberies against South African retailers each
day. Retail stores, where cash is accumulated in large volumes, are
particularly vulnerable to armed robberies, and these businesses need to take
action to mitigate this risk.”

Start within:

You might have a productive and
highly efficient workforce, but take note that criminals make a point of
planning their attack using information obtained from employees of the target

More than 90% of business robberies occur with
insider-participation and that the multitude of hands involved in manual cash
processes create additional risks for fraud, theft and cash shrinkage.

Safeguard the shopper:

With extended trading hours and increased volumes of cash, the risk to
customer, staff and business increases.  It is common for a retailer to
suffer a material drop in turnover for as much as six months after a violent
and aggressive armed robbery attack. 


Automated cash management solutions can take the
pain out of managing the supply chain, including the 
cash-in-transit logistics. Businesses should consider a
solution that takes the cash risk and guarantees the value from the moment it
is deposited into the cash vault, whilst in transit and until it reflects in
the bank account.

Every year our retail sector faces increased armed
robberies. With the current cash in circulation figure of around R136 billion,
businesses with high cash turnover remain vulnerable. 

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