Get out to the garage over lock down and put all your scrap wood to use! 

Plant Stands, Outdoor Side Table, Cookbook Stand, Simple Step Stool, Rustic Slide in End Table, Saw Blade Organizer, Indoor Herb Shelf, Couch Arm Organizer and Watch Holder The complete free working project plans are available online with Kregs unique Build Something service.

A stunning new selection of 9 simple free project plans from Kreg BuildSomething the International leaders in Pocket Hole wood working jigs and wood working equipment. These plans are now available to all wood workers, general homeowner wood working hobbyists and Kreg customers. Each project includes a full working plan of instructions, working drawings, images, sizes etc, and all can be downloaded free from Kreg BuildSomething. Using the following link  Then enter the plan you are looking for in the Search i.e. Plant Stand.

Plant Stand 
These plant stands are a great spring project that only require a few boards. Put your favourite plants on a pedestal by building an attractive stand. Both the low and high versions hold a 12.5″-diameter pot. You’ll find pots around this same size in any garden supply store or home centre. With just a few simple cuts and pocket-hole joints, construction is quick and simple.

Outdoor Side Table
This simple side table is a great addition to your yard or front porch. It will add a spot for your afternoon drinks or for reading material.

Cookbook Stand
Make your wife happy and keep her recipes close at hand—whether you’re using a cookbook or a tablet—with this easy-to-build stand. It sits on your counter at an angle to make the recipe easy to read while keeping it out of your way and out of the mess. When not in use, you can hang the stand on your wall for easy storage.

Simple Step Stool
This simple step stool is a quick and easy build. Great to use in a kitchen, bathroom, or wherever you need a little step up. Its light and easy to move. Perfect for kids to use to reach sinks or countertops. They can move the step stool anywhere they need it. And it looks cute too!

Slide in End Table
This rustic little table keeps things close by without taking up the space of another table. It slides right under the couch and takes up very little space. 

Saw Blade Organizer
A simple DIY shelf/ box to store saw blades in, perfect for organizing the workshop. Acrylic dividers make it easy to find the blade you’re looking for.

Indoor Herb Shelf
 Simple Indoor Herb Shelf to grow your own herbs is lots of fun. They’re compact, easy to grow, fragrant, and colourful. With this compact shelf made from just one 1 x 4 board, you can place an herb garden just about anywhere—like in a kitchen window where you can enjoy the plants and use them daily.

Couch Arm Organizer
This couch arm cup holder is perfect for any chair that doesn’t have a table within arm’s reach, with no place for cups and drinks. This cup holder has a place for your drink, phone and remote control. Plus, it’s customizable for any chair or couch arm width.

Watch Holder
Everyone needs a gift for dad this holiday season. Men are notoriously difficult to shop for because we usually say we don’t need anything. Guys are also notorious for just dropping their keys and wallet and watch all in a pile by the front door. This watch and accessory holder solves all this!

To build all or any of these units would be a lot easier, quicker and neater if you own a Kreg Jig.