DSM surveyed 3,300
consumers in the UK, US, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy and the Netherlands, and
80% of respondents said that they would be open to trying new brands of beer,
with just 4% saying that they would not.

The research showed
that taste and sustainability play a key role in consumer preference for craft
beer, as 75% of respondents said that taste is the main reason they purchase
craft beer, a more important factor than price.

50% of respondents
also claimed they believed that craft beer is more sustainable than regular
beer, and this makes the product more attractive to consumers.

DSM’s report states
that craft beer consumption has risen 500% in the last decade, and the survey
claimed that consumers under 30 are driving the market.

45% of those surveyed
aged between 18-30 said that they drank craft beer at least once a week, while
64% said they drink more craft beer than they did two years ago.

Joana Carneiro,
director of beverages at DSM Food Specialties said: “DSM’s consumer research
shows there is tremendous promise for the craft beer market, mostly due to the
enthusiasm of craft beer fans.

“However, the
popularity of craft beer, and the demand for unique, authentic, and premium
beer varieties, presents a new reality for brewers both large and small.

“In this report,
we’re speaking to small brewers who want to keep up with demand while staying
true to their vision—and we’re addressing the large brewers who are looking to
establish global premium brands.”

Source: FoodBev