Like TV’s and toasters, the humble printer has been a feature of many households for years. If it’s time to upgrade that old workhorse, technological advancements mean you are now spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a new printer best suited to your home and home office needs. 

A popular option is a refillable ink tank printer, as opposed to a cartridge or laser printer. These printers provide the perfect combination of cost-effectiveness, ease-of-use and environmental sustainability. 

Instead of using ink cartridges, ink tank printers – as their name suggests – consist of a refillable ink tank that stores much more ink resulting in more prints.

These aren’t the only reason you should look at investing in an ink tank printer. Here are additional benefits:

1. Cost savings
It’s no secret that the costs of ink cartridges are expensive, especially if you use your printer regularly. In the case of Epson EcoTank printers, this is significantly helped by the fact that each printer comes with three years’ worth of ink (depending on your usage). This is the equivalent of 237 standard ink cartridges.

Once this ink is used up, replacement ink bottles cost as little as R199 Plus, each set of ink bottles will provide up to 4,500 prints (black)^ and 7,500 prints (colour)^ – at less than 7 cents per page respectively. This is a considerable saving when compared to other standard inkjet printers, where the cost per print (for both black and colour) is far higher.

2. Easy to operate
Refilling an ink tank printer is straightforward. Every ink bottle has a nozzle and resealable cap that radically reduces the risks of spills or leaks during refills or storage. 

The ink bottles also feature a pressure mechanism, so the bottle automatically stops pouring ink once the ink tank is full – and refilling the tank takes approximately 30 seconds!

There’s also no more guessing – rather than waiting for your printer to start churning out faded documents, or relying entirely on printer warnings, you can see for yourself if you’re running low on ink. This takes the guesswork out of things, and means you never have to run out of ink again!

To help prevent users from accidentally pouring the wrong colour into the wrong partition, each ink bottle is uniquely colour-coded to correspond with the same demarcation on the printer.

3. Quality
The ink in these printers are custom-designed for use in our devices, so the quality you’ll receive are lasting prints that won’t fade. 

Epson EcoTank printers use of PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology to ensure great results every time. PrecisionCore is a high-density print chip that is capable of producing as many as 40 million precise dots per second with amazing ink positioning accuracy, and fewer imperfections and distortions in the finished product.

4. Environmentally friendly
As the global focus on protecting the environment increases, it’s up to each of us to make a contribution to reducing our carbon footprint and household waste levels. 

Because you will get many more pages out of one ink bottle than you would from a standard ink cartridge, refillable ink tank printers require far fewer consumables, and therefore create less ongoing wastage.

5. Speed
We’ve all been there – waiting for that ticket to print at a printing shop when you’re already running late for an event, or getting that school project finished at the last minute before deadline. 

Therefore, another key factor to consider when shopping for a new household printer is how quickly it will produce your documents. 

6. Compact size
You don’t want your printer to take up too much space in your home. Refillable ink tank printers tend to be compact in size and lightweight, making them perfect for home use . 

Epson’s printers take up to 22% less space within your home office space – meaning working from home is easier and less space consuming. 

7. Peace of mind
High quality ink tank printers are backed by at least a three-year warranty, which can often be easily extended to two years by simply registering the device with the manufacturer. This means that should your new printer not meet the high standards you expect, you won’t be out of pocket.

It’s easy to see how refillable ink tank printers are revolutionising the home printer market with the advantages they bring to the table. 

By saving time, costs and energy consumption, while retaining an unbeatable end result, these devices are the answer to many South Africans’ home printer needs.