Cape Town City executives have confiscated approximately 5,500 bottles of alcohol since December 16. This is equivalent to 2941 liters, slightly higher than the total for the 2019/20 holiday season at the same time.

Cape Town City has by-laws that prohibit alcohol in public spaces.

In 2019 the city confiscated 5,089 (2,748 litres). In 2020 only 1,510 bottles (983 litres) were confiscated. This low figure was due to the lockdown regulations that were in place.

According to JP Smith, a member of the Mayor’s Safety and Security Committee, these statistics reflect people’s disregard for calls to leave their alcohol at home.

“These statistics are most concerning, as it means that people simply are not heeding our calls to leave their alcohol at home, showing very little regard for the law, their personal wellbeing and the safety of others around them.  

It’s time we started calling out those who continue to engage in this selfish behavior,” says Smith.