Did you know, our senses play a unique role in providing us with a clear picture of our surroundings? What we’re seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting and hearing. SKYN® condoms have released a new variety pack, offering a choice of five different condom variants to heighten experiences.

These condoms range from cooling, flavoured, extra lubricated, to warming and intensely studded, for the ultimate sensorial experience. With easily identifiable colour-coordinated packaging, these condoms are a must-have for couples who want to level-up the excitement in the bedroom, or any room for that matter. 
The world’s number-one non-latex condom is designed using the very latest SKYNFEEL™ technology, a revolutionary non-latex material which feels so soft and comfortable, delivering an incredibly natural feel, full of sensitivity, enabling one to really feel everything. 
Enjoy the pleasure and experience SKYN® 5 Senses technology has to offer… warm and cool sensations, passion daiquiri flavours, extra lubrication and intensely studded. SKYN® 5 Senses caters to those who are willing and wanting to experience a variety of different pleasurable experiences. 
Choose to #FeelEverythingSA, with SKYN® 5 Senses.